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Twin Parallel Screw
Twin Conical Screw
Single Screw
Single Barrels
Twin Hole Barrel
Twin Barrels [Sleeve fitted Parallel]
Spares of Injection Molding
Screen Changer Manufacturer
Grooved Feed Sleeve Manufacturer
Flat Die Manufacturer
Job Work
Engineering Job Work
Heavy Precision Job Work > Machinary
Cylindrical Grinding Work (2 Machine) (German)
Surface Grinding Work
Horizontal Boring Machine (5 Machine) - TOS 100 MM Sprindle (Czeckoslovakia)
  Spindle Dia- 100mm > 02
  Spindle Dia - 80 mm > 02
  Spindle Dia - 63 mm > 01
  VMC Machine – BMV 60 [BFW 1050 X 610 X 850]
  VMC SANCO [2000 X 1500 X 850]
  VMC 4 Machine [1000 X 500]
  HMC Makino {Japan} [810 X 630 ] Twin Pallet
Inspection Unit:-  
Inspection facility with qualified inspectors (Mechenical Engineers)
All type of Precision measuring instruments available (Mitutoyo, Japan)
We have 50% Spare Capacity on our VMC BFW MAKE AKSHRA VF 30 CNC M/C
   Engineering Job Work Video Clip
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